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Client Architect relationship and understanding is vital. Client dreams, architect visualizes, but it is architect who balances customers funds and desires to an equilibrium point.

It’s all about challenge, yes some may resort to knowledge, talent, influence and experience.., but the real solution is celestial. Client may be the richest person but if he can’t understand the design it’s a waist. Assisting the client to predetermine what exactly he or she getting and helping the client's decision making process easier.

Whether it is 04 perches or 40 perches naturally the client requirements are equal, Internal spaces arrangements such as bedrooms, bathrooms and the living & dining both clients expect the sizes to be same. I believe I have done the justification for both types of clients especially with the minimum land parcel.

Blending exterior and interior without solid barriers (walls) but with privacy and safety is another logic that I have mastered. This theory has helped most of my clients convert their homes to relaxing spas when they returns’ home.